Cerita Sangkuriang Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Sangkuriang Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Sangkuriang adalah salah satu cerita rakyat yang terkenal di Indonesia. Cerita ini berasal dari Jawa Barat dan menjadi bagian dari kekayaan budaya Indonesia. Dalam cerita ini, Sangkuriang adalah seorang pemuda yang jatuh cinta pada ibunya sendiri tanpa menyadari hubungan mereka. Berikut adalah cerita Sangkuriang dalam bahasa Inggris:

The Legend of Sangkuriang

Once upon a time, in the land of West Java, there was a young man named Sangkuriang. He was a handsome and brave young man, known for his great strength and intelligence. Sangkuriang lived with his mother, Dayang Sumbi, in a small village near a beautiful mountain.

Sangkuriang loved exploring the forests and mountains around his village. One day, while he was wandering in the forest, he came across a beautiful maiden named Dayang Sumbi. They didn’t know that they were actually mother and son, as they had been separated when Sangkuriang was a baby.

Sangkuriang was instantly captivated by Dayang Sumbi’s beauty and charm. He approached her and introduced himself. Dayang Sumbi, who didn’t recognize her long-lost son, was also attracted to Sangkuriang’s handsome looks and charismatic personality.

They spent a lot of time together, talking and laughing. Sangkuriang fell deeply in love with Dayang Sumbi, and he proposed to her. Dayang Sumbi, feeling conflicted and sensing something strange about Sangkuriang, asked him to fulfill an impossible task before she would marry him.

The Impossible Task

Dayang Sumbi knew that Sangkuriang was her son, and she didn’t want to marry him. So, she asked him to build a huge dam and a boat overnight. She believed that it was impossible for Sangkuriang to complete the task.

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However, Sangkuriang was determined to prove his love for Dayang Sumbi. He used his supernatural powers to command the spirits and animals in the forest to help him. With their help, he managed to build the dam and the boat in just one night.

When Dayang Sumbi saw that Sangkuriang had completed the impossible task, she realized that she couldn’t escape her fate. She knew that marrying her own son would bring great disaster to their lives. So, she came up with a clever plan to stop the wedding.

The Clever Plan

Dayang Sumbi woke up early in the morning and started weaving a fabric called “kain turi”. She weaved it quickly and made it look like the sun was rising. When Sangkuriang saw the fabric, he thought that the day was already breaking, and he had failed to complete the task in time.

Feeling devastated, Sangkuriang kicked the dam he had built, causing it to break and flood the village. The boat he had made was also capsized and turned into a mountain. This mountain is now known as Mount Tangkuban Perahu, which means “upturned boat” in Sundanese language.

Sangkuriang, realizing the consequences of his actions, regretted deeply. He wandered around the mountain, feeling sorrowful and regretful. His tears flowed down and formed a river, which is now known as the Citarum River.


  • Q: What is the moral lesson of the story?
    A: The moral lesson of the story is to always respect and obey your parents, as they know what is best for you.
  • Q: What is the significance of Mount Tangkuban Perahu?
    A: Mount Tangkuban Perahu is a popular tourist attraction in West Java and serves as a reminder of the legend of Sangkuriang.
  • Q: Is the Citarum River a real river?
    A: Yes, the Citarum River is a real river located in West Java, Indonesia.
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